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HOLYSON      Released Date:Apr. 01, 2020
HIGHER EFFICIENCY ~ 20-110MM Pipe Making Machine, installed with two mould totally.

20-110MM PVC Plumbing Pipe Making Machine

Estimated Delivery Time: 35-45 day

The company, after 14-day conversation, finalizes the contract with Mr. SKT, regardsing on the "PVC Plumbing Pipe Making Machine" project. Since now, the machine is right get into production procedure. Considering for our second cooperation, we wish SKT's company growing prosperous. We will have more cooperation chances, at the basis of previous machine quality. We fully-heart wish that all our customer business turning brightly better.


This time, we will work on HSJZ-65/132 Model, pipe diameter from 20-110mm, installed with two mould, one from 20-50mm, second from 63-110mm, which will focusing on a HIGHER EFFICIENCY machine design. For a higher designed machine, all the driving, control system is equipment with SERVO-PLC Control. 

750 200-315 PVC Pipe.jpg

Let's together waiting for the masterpiece work finish, see you soon...

Welcome Mr. SKT To our company
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