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Higher Speed ~ Corrugated Pipe Making Machine


Higher Speed  Corrugated Pipe Making Machine

HSJ-65 Single Screw Extruder

This machine can be used to produce plastic corrugated pipes, like PVC, PE, PP, EVA and PA material, etc. (Also note: Different raw material extruder should use different Extruders, please refer to us, by which material used during production.)

Plastic single-wall corrugated pipes have features of high temperature resistance,  corrosion resistance and abrasion resistabce, high intensity, good flexibility, etc. 


A: Chain Design Corrugated Pipe Machine

B: Pushing Design Corrugated Pipe Machine

(Differences refer to the detail pictures, and please contact us and let's explain to you.)

HSJ-65 Single Screw Extruder

Higher Speed ~ Forming Machine