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HSJ-45 Drinking Straw Making Machine

Plastic Drinking Straw Making Machine

HSJ-45 Straw Manufacture Plant is used to produce drinking straws with different diameters; The plant can also manage many smaller diameter pipes, for lollipop stick, cotton swab stick, ballpen filler, spray pot tube, etc.

For drinking straw machine, the company have different model for choice, simply say by color. "Single Color", "Two Color", and "Three Color" Model.

  • Material:H/L/LLDPE,  PP Granules + Master Batch

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HSJ-45mm Single Screw Extruder

HSJ-45 Single Screw Extruder

Co-Extrusion Cases

Straw Machine.png

Cooling Water Tank

Two section design (A: Vacuum Part; B: Spray Part)

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