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HSJZ-80/156 200-315mm PVC Pipe

HSJZ-80/156 200-315mm PVC Pipe Making Machine

General Introduction: 


Model: HSJZ-80/156


PVC Pipe Making Machine, which model is designed for 200-315mm diameter pvc pipe manufacture. The whole production line consists a twin screw extruder, 200-315mm Mould, Cooling, Traction, Cutter, Stacker Machine.

Beside this standard production line, you may also need some auxiliary machine for recycling wastes, like Plastic Crusher, Ink Jet/Laser Printer, PVC Mixer, etc.

Main Components:


1. HSJZ-80/156 Twin Screw Extruder (With Spiral Hopper Loader)

2. Extruder Die Head(200-315mm)

Will cover 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, 315mm all specifications of pipe manufacture

3. Vacuum Cooling Water Tank(Two Section)

4. Three Claw Traction Machine

5. Planetary Cutter

6. Pipe Stacker

HSJZ-80/156 Twin Screw Extruder

HSJZ 80-156 Extruder 750px.jpg