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HSJ-65 PVC Fiber Hose Making Machine

HSJ-65 PVC Fiber Hose Making Machine

PVC fiber reinforeced hose, also named PVC network tube, or snake-skin hose, is hose with high tensile strength, and good resistance to high pressure; It also have an important advantages, that is nontoxic to foodstuffs and sanitation.

Hose is three-layers structured, both inside and outside layer are soft plastic PVC, and the middle layer is polyester fiber reinforced net, which has good chemical and mechanical properties.

It is a good choice for conveying air, water, gas, oil, and some other liquid and gas material. And now it is also widely used in pouring the garden, lawn, machinery, coal mineral, chemical, construction, irrigation, etc.

Basic Standard Machine:

HSJ-65/28 PVC Fiber Hose Making Machine 



2 sets

HSJ-65 Single Screw Extruder

1 Set

HSJ-50 Single Screw Extruder

1 set


Extrusion Mould + Coating Mould

3 sets


Cooling Water Tank

2 sets


Traction Machine

2 sets


Heating Oven

1 set


Tread Weaving Machine

1 set


Double position Winding Machine

1 set

Flow Chart:

1st Single screw extruder → Hose mould → Spraying cooling water tank → 1st Hauling off machine → Heating Oven →Fiber Weaving → 2nd Single screw extruder → Coated Layer Mould → Spraying cooling water tank → 2nd hauling off machine → Winding machine
(1st extruder is for inner layer, 2nd extruder is for out layer.)

Auxiliary Machine:

For auxiliary machine, you can also choose ink/laser printer, color mixer, together with the production line.

- Printer will works for to print you logo, hose specification, production date, such information on the hose.

- Color Mixer will help to mix different master batch with the granules, to make different hose.

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