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HSJ-45 HDPE/PP ABS Tube Making Machine

HSJ-45 Plastic Pipe Making Machine

This production line is used to produce many smaller diameter pipes, from plastic granules.

  • Material: PP, PE, PVC, PA, PC, ABS, etc.

  • Application: The equipment is widely used in the production of ABS pipe, PVC pipe, PP PE drinking straw, lollipop pipe, PA pipe, bar, PE pen core, spray pot pipe, PC lamp shade, cotton swab stick and so on.

HSJ-45 Single Screw Extruder

  • Configuration:

  Single Screw Extruder, screw diameter is 45 or 65mm, the whole series adopts high-quality screw, frequency conversion speed   regulation, Siemens frequency conversion motor driving, good plasticization, stable power output. PLC touch screen control is optional according to client’s needs.

  Mould, adopts imported S136 special steel for thermal stability extrusion mold, with smooth mirror channel, special for high quality and high precision pipe production.

  Vacuum Sizing Water Cooling Tank, adopts SUS304 stainless steel bending forming and all-glass cover fully enclosed structure, up and down, left and right three dimensional adjustment, easy to operate. Equipped with stainless steel storage tank, the cooling water can be recycled without splashing the ground. Strong forming stability, high dimensional accuracy.

Sample Reference

  Traction Machine, adopts high precision ball guidance system, central height adjustment and tension adjustment; With frequency controller, stepless speed regulation; Motor power is optional from 0.75kw to 2.2kw; Linear speed is stable; High precision synchronous belt transmission mechanism can make sure traction line speed long-term operation with high precision and high stability, and belt doesn’t slip, no noise in the traction process.

  Saw Blade Cutting Machine, high precision saw blade cutting device, alloy saw blade, special motor for high-speed saw blade (with special saw blade chuck, stable and silent), high precision reciprocating online cutting platform (use precision linear guide rail throughout the process), photoelectric induction type length control device, PLC programming control, man - machine interface operation, also can upgrade color touch screen operation panel.

  Stacker, full automatic flap type receiving frame, automatic turnover unloading.

This production can give multiple production function.